Company introduction


Island UK Limited is a UK based international freight forwarder logistics provider.


Delivering global logistics

Island UK helps a wide range of businesses to manage their logistics requirements by providing Intelligent solutions with powerful results. We adopt a knowledge-based approach. Looking at all. The aspects of the supply chain and this includes global logistics and freight forwarding, Customs compliance,  Consultancy and supply chain management.


European transportation

We provide transportation services that work for you. We can help reduce operating costs. While Improving access to capacity. Modes. Trade lanes and service times

Our services include:



International Freight Forwarding

Our international freight forwarding services enhance flexibility so you can react quickly to Market demands and improve lead times with access to reliable transportation capacity. As a leader In global logistics services. Island UK offers premium international freight forwarding services Supported by dedicated logistics professionals who are experienced in freight forwarding. Our Services can be integrated with inland logistics services and transportation for a complete Door-to-Door solution. Or stand-alone.


Our services include:


You began global sourcing and manufacturing outsourcing to significantly boost your company's Bottom-line performance. Import and export regulations. Processes and tariffs can add complexity. Delays and costs. Island UK can help make sure your supply chains performance is meeting or Exceeding your business expectations. Our in-country expertise and web-native technology can assist with import and export compliance across your supply chains expanding global footprint.

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Island UK Limited
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Registered in England Wales, Company registration number: 06873379